Saint Anthony´s Convent of Herbon

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In the fertile lands of the parish of Padron in Herbon lies the Convent, Convento de San Antonio de Herbón of San which is an excellent display of a Franciscan order.

In 1936, in this valley bathed by the crystalline waters of the SAR and Ulla, the Franciscan order settled in. Their presence has lasted in time for more than six centuries and still continues today.

This center of worship invites every visitor that comes close to feel and breathe the calm, sober, peace and tranquility that envelops you from the moment that you reach its ancient walls. To access the Convent, we must go up a steep ramp that takes you to the door of the chapel. To our right we see a fountain that portrays one of the Franciscans in a position of prayer. The fountain has an inscription that indicates that it was built in 1786, but as we have said before, the religious order had been in this land since 1396.

And it is from this convent where some of the most prized resources of all the territory of the Lands of Iria comes from such as the peppers of Herbon which were brought from the Americas by one of the Franciscans who walked these lands.


Masses: Every day at 18:00 pm

Free Entrance

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