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In Padrón near the Santiago Bridge, we can make a stop at the fountain, Fuente Del Carmen to take a sip of natural waters. It was built by Pedro de la Barcena in 1577. It consists of three figures, in the inferior is the Virgin of Sorrows, patroness of women in labor. In the central figure you can see the representation of the passage of St. James to these lands by his disciples. In the top, we can see the portrayal of the baptism of Queen Lupa by James the Apostol.

In the eighteenth century, it was rebuilt by reigning Senor Don Carlos III, with Mayor Don Joaquin Foxi Benda, in 1789, as indicated by the inscription. Inside the fountain, Fuente Del Carmen, there is a plaque indicating that the illustrious Don Manuel de Sanlúcar, bishop of Sidon, granted 40 days of indulgences to those who devoutly prayed a Hail Mary in front of the image of the Virgin.

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