A Escravitude Sanctuary

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This shrine is just 5 km from Padron in direction of Santiago de Compostela, on the right. We have to highlight the fountain that is under its impressive stairways, which tells an interesting and miraculous story. It is about a man that was ill while he was on the Jacobean route which he was doing hoping to find healing for his dropsy. He stopped at the fountain to have a drink and was miraculously cured without seeing a doctor 72 hours later. He then said “Thank you Virgin for taking away the bad”

This then became the story that gave origin to this sanctuary, and which ultimately began the construction of this structure thanks to an Ox cart that the pilgrim donated for his gratitude. The project was completed in 1886.

The project that had begun in the sixteenth century was finalized when a pastor placed an image of the Virgin with the baby Jesus in appreciation of a favor that he received from her.


Visits in summer: 10 am to 13 pm

Sightseeing schedules may be disrupted by the liturgical celebration.

Saturday: 19:00 pm
Sunday : 12:30 am

Saturday: 19:00 pm
Sunday: 12:30 am

Free Entrance

Our address

Casa Rectoral, 0 S/N, 15980 Esclavitud, A Coruña
42.784039, -8.6495956002324
981 80 30 88

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