Success in the pazos route organized by the tourism workshop "Xuventude en Acción 2018 Dodro-Padrón e Rois".

The tourism workshop “Xuventude en Acción 2018 Dodro-Padrón e Rois” organized a route that ran through the most important pazos in the region, which  obtained a full seating capacity. The participants could see the pazos of O Faramello, Arretén, Lestrove and Antequeira, which opened their doors in order to the future tourism professionals could practice […]

Full capacity at Terras de Iria Pazos Route

Today we have to notify that the number of places has just been completed in order to go to the Pazos Route which is going to be celebrated this Monday 18th. We, Obradoiro de Emprego Xuventude en Acción 2018, are very grateful of your involvement and we expect to have an opportunity to repeat this […]

Terras de Iria Pazos Route has just arrived!

Hello everyone! We are here again to talk you about Terras de Iria Pazos Route, which was created by Obradoiro de Emprego de Garantía Xuvenil (Xuventude en Acción 2018 Rois, Padrón and Dodro). The first route is going to be next Monday 18th February at 9.30 a.m. We are going to go by bus and […]

Padrón pide declarar la Pascua Festa de Interese Turístico

Padrón prevé aprobar en el pleno de febrero el expediente de solicitud de Festa de Interese Turístico de Galicia para la Pascua de Padrón. Así lo avanzó el alcalde, Antonio Fernández Angueira, que junto a la concejala de Cultura e Turismo, Lorena Couso Dopazo, presentó en la Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur), en Madrid, el cartel de la Pascua 2019, que este año se celebrará entre los días 6 y 28 de abril.

All you need to know only with a click

Young people from Dodro, Padrón and Rois councils are attending in a work programme about tourism. The aim of this course is publishing news from the region, for instance events and exhibitions which will be taken place in Terras de Iria. In order to make it come true, they are going to accomplish this plan […]