Other festivities of interest


  • San Antonio Abade. In Tallós the weekend nearest to January 17 (It is not celebrated).
  • San Vicente de Aguasantas – Rois, January 22


  • Candelaria de Seira – Rois 2 of February


  • San Xosé, in Rois, 19 of March


  • Os Remedios, in Aido, Rois: varies (after Easter)


  • Inmaculada Concepción, in Ferreiros, Costa: the week between the 15 and 21 of May.
  • Sacramento de Sorribas (varies): 1st Sunday after the Remedios
  • Soutullo, in Quintáns, Urdilde: Last Sunday of May


  • Romaría da Cruz de Abelán, at the beginning of June.

  • Santo Antonio de Oín, Rois: 13 of June
  • San Xoán de Buxán, Rois: 24 of June


  • San Pedro de Carcacía (Padrón) – end of June
  • Sacramento, in Ermedelo , Rois: varies (Sunday following Corpus Christi)
  • San Pedro de Herbogo, Rois: 29 and 30 of June and 1 of July


  • Virxe do Carme, de Belén and San Mauro. On July 16 in Bexo (Friday and Saturday following July 16).
  • San Antón de Teaio, July 15.
  • Santa Mariña de Ribasar, Rois: 18, 19 and 20 of July


  • Santo Cristo de la Luz en Pazos (Padrón) – 2nd Sunday of August
  • Nuestra Señora y San Roque en Iria Flavia y A Ponte (Padrón) – 15th and 16th of August
  • San Campio, Santa Lucía and San Roque: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday following August 15 in Santa María of Dodro.
  • Nuestra Señora de los Aflixidos: In Lestrove (Dodro) the last Sunday of August, Monday and Tuesday following.
  • San Mamede de Rois : 7, 8 and 9 of August
  • San Lourenzo de Seira, Rois: 10 of August
  • Santísimo Sacramento de Seira, Rois: 11 of August
  • Nosa Señora de Urdilde, Rois: 15 of August
  •  Nosa Señora de Leroño, Rois: 15, 16 and 17 of August
  • Nosa Señora, San Roque and O Santísimo de Oín, Rois: 15, 16 and 17 of August
  • San Roque de Urdilde, Rois: 16 of August
  • Santo Antonio de Urdilde, Rois: 17 of August
  • San Bartolomeu de Seira, Rois: 24 of August
  • Santo Antonio de Seira, Rois: 25 of August


  • Virgen de A Escravitude (Padrón) – 8th of September
  • La Merced en Bandín – Carcacía (Padrón) – 24th of September
  •  Virxe do Bo Parto e do Leite and San Roque. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday following September 8 in San Xián of Laíño, Dodro.
  •  Virxe das Dores. In Mandelle the last Sunday of September.
  • Virxe das Dores and San Roque. The first Sunday of September and Monday following in Imo.
  •  A Natividade de Urdilde, Rois: 8 of September
  •  San Ramón, en Ermedelo, Rois: 1st Sunday of September
  •  As Dores de Sorribas, Rois: 16 of September
  • As Dores, Santo Outelo and O Sacramento de Buxán, Rois: 3rd Sunday of September
  • San Miguel de Costa, Rois: 29 of September


  • Rosario de Padrón –October
  •  Rosario de A Escravitude (Padrón) –October


  • San Martiño en Ermedelo – Rois: 11 of November


  • – La Santiña en Extramundi (Padrón). The commemoration of the Immaculate Virgin held the 7th and 8th of December
  •  La Traslatio (Padrón) – 30th of December
  • A Santa Lucía de Seira, Rois: 13 of December
  • Santo Tomé de Sorribas, Rois: 21 of December