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Built between the years 25 B.D. and the first century A.D. being the emperor of Rome Octavian Augustus. Important communication channel, the most important reform since its construction was done by Master Mateo in the year 1161, author of the…

Built in 1666, this Renaissance building made by Melchor Velasco Aguero, was owned by Alonso de la Peña and Montenegro, whom was Bishop and rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela and captain general in Quito.

Bridge built in 1852, which replaced one that was destroyed by a river flood.

It was built by Pedro de la Barcena in 1577. It consists of three figures, in the inferior is the Virgin of Sorrows, patroness of women in labor. IIn the top, we can see the portrayal of the baptism of Queen Lupa by James the Apostol.

Set of eleven “ground granaries” . S. VIII.