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Quintessential gastronomic festival since 1978, held in the Herbon parish the 1st Saturday in August, and designated as one of the Tourist Interest in Galicia.

There are thousands of people who come together on this important date which is part of the special events calendar of that Lands of Iria to enjoy this delicacy belonging people of Padron. Especially to run the “risk” and to prove the old saying “Os pementos de Herbón, uns pican e outros non”. These special peppers have a distinctive flavor and some of them have a spicy kick. This old saying refers to that and means that you never know if you will get one with a spicy kick.

This mass celebration in which you can taste totally free these rich delicacies. The event has the following timeline:

– At 10:30 am the acts begin with a Mass setting, giving way an hour later to the blessing and inauguration of the pepper festival, Festa do Pemento of Herbon.

– At 12:30 pm, a reception with the town hall officials kicks off the motorized farm vehicle parade to Padron.

– At 13:30pm, a reading of the proclamation by an outstanding personality.

– After the reading of the proclamation, there will be an official appointment and prizes to the year´s “Lords and Ladies of the Peppers”. There will also be a prize for the Youngest Pepper farmer as well as the Wisest Pepper farmer. In addition there will be a president of Honor naming of the official order of pepper planters

– At 14:30pm, a prize will be awarded for the best decked out tractors.

– Then a free tasting of the famous Herbon peppers.

– At night there is live music and a dance