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The Easter festivities coordinated by Padron´s town hall, are one of the most important festivals celebrated in the village of Rosaliana , and with a tradition that is centuries old.

In 1609, Xeronimo Del Hoyo, cardinal from Compostela, wrote about our livestock markets. Even in its time it was the most recognized in Galicia, which were held in the Campo Grande and in a chestnut forest, “coming to them all kinds of goods, cattle, that Castilian and Portuguese merchants would go to buy, for provisions for their lands ” Various were held throughout the year,” The first is around Easter and lasts three days, the second is around the ascension, and lasts another three days, the third is for Saint John and lasts two, the fourth, is for Our Lady of September and lasts three days, the last one is for All Saints Day and lasts two. The best ones are Easter, Ascension and September “. (Xosé Fligueira Valverde, Easter 1995).

Complementing this cattle fair, the festive and religious character joined in as it coincided with Easter in just proximity of dates. Today it has become a point of reference for Galician parties.

Padrón´s town hall invites everyone to enjoy its almost 15 festivals, processions, attractions, octopus taverns, fairs, music, and a wide range of activities for all ages!

Pascua 2017

Fiestas de Pascua – Concello de Padrón