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This gastronomic feast was first celebrated in 1987 during the festivities of San Isidro of Carcacía.

What makes it unique is that a giant omelet is made, and which eventually through the years according the Guinness World Records book of 1988, became the biggest omelet of the world.

In the last festival, for its preparation 1.200 kilograms of potatoes, 8.000 eggs, 50 kg of Spanish sausages, 380 liters of oil and 15 kg of salt were used. All cooked and created in an enormous pan with dimensions of 3.5 meters in diameter and 15 inches thick.

To the delight of anyone who comes in range of the party, different events are also held such as concert bands, traditional dances, adventure activities, workshops and crafts for children, popular games and exhibitions.

Omelette Festival of Carcacía – Padrón

Photos from the Festival committee