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In the land of Iria you can enjoy various cultural routes, several of them are in Padron. The Villa has been a Tourist Interest Municipality point in Galicia since 2000, thanks to the many resources available on these lands, both cultural, historical, natural, gastronomic and ethnographic. For this reason we have compiled all of this cultural wealth and categorised them in 4 different routes so that anyone that wants to enjoy them can as the people of Padron do daily.

Padrón´s audioguide

Padrón´s audioguide: If you would like to learn about our history and monuments through an interactive city tour, it is possible thanks to our AUDIOGUIDES. Padron’s City Council provides a MP3 player that facilitates the discovery of the village that gave origin to the Jacobean tradition and where legends and history have come together to create a unique Historic Village.

Designed to be explored on foot, the route is about 3km in length and its duration is estimated at 2 hours. Most of the route is through the city center and its difficulty is rated low. The route has only one stretch that becomes medium difficulty which is on the climb to Mount Saint Gregorio (Santiaguiño do Monte). If you have any difficulty climbing hills or stairs, please be reassured that before you start this section you will be able to find the existence of an alternative path that can be reached by car.

The route starts at the Tourist Office and ends at the same point. To follow, you just need to pay attention to the instructions indicated on the audio guide. Remember that it is divided into tracks, and you can stop, playback, rewind or forward a track at any time.

As a compliment to the audio guide, the Tourisim office will also provide you with a route map.



You can request your MP3 player with a brochure map at the Tourism office. You must show your ID / passport, so that we can note your information. You will also need to sign a statement that is available at the Tourism office that essentially commits yourself to returning the player in its perfect condition. The rental fee for the audio guide is 3 euros.

Upon receipt, you will have the player for up to 4 hours. Please be advised that in order to recover the deposit the device must be returned a half an hour before the Tourism office closes.

Remember that the Tourist office hours are as follows:

From Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am – 14:00 pm. and 16:15 pm – 19:00 pm

Regardless, we are at your service for any questions or assistance you might need related to the audio guide or about our municipality. Therefore, please do not hesitate to come by our office located at the following address:


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Turism office: Avda. de Compostela s/n – Fondo de Vila

Historical Route

Historical Route: Where a tour is made through the historic center of Padrón, through its history, entering its streets and medieval squares, the old gates of the walled town and the landmark buildings in the center of the town such as the Palace of Quito, the Fountain (Fuente del Carmen) from the XVI century, the convent (Convento del Carmen) from the XVIII century, or the ancient salt deposit (Alfolí do Sal) from the XII century.

Literary Route

Literary Route: Padron is a town that has a long and historic literary tradition, being the birthplace of important writers from all eras, such as Macias “O Namorado” a medieval troubadour, Juan Rodríguez de la Cámara, Rosalia de Castro, driving the Galican cultural renaissance and a precursor of modern Spanish poetry; Nicasio Pajares, Manuel Vázquez Castro “Manuel Barros” and Camilo José Cela, Literature Nobel Prize winner in 1989. Through this route will get to know every literary spot in Padron, such as the two foundations of Rosalia de Castro and Camilo Jose Cela.

plano del recorrido
‘Traslatio’ Route

“Traslatio” Route: It is in Padron where that Jacobean tradition has its roots and it therefore considered as its birthplace. Padrón is the place where the boat arrived from Palestine bringing the remains of St. James to be buried at the site where he was preaching. In this route, on foot through Padrón, you will discover all of the elements of the Jacobean tradition that hides on its streets through its history. An example of which is the “Pedrón”, a Roman altar where the Apostle´s boat was moored.

plano del recorrido
Romanesque Route

Romanesque Route: This route runs between the land of Herbon and the Ulla River, about 3 km from the historical center, an area where they grow the famous Spicy Peppers. Here we can admire the Franciscan Monastery of Herbon (Monasterio Franciscano de Herbón) founded in 1396, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria (Santa María de Herbón) or “pesqueiras”, a fishing spot for the lamprey, which dates back to Roman times.

plano del recorrido
Literary route ‘Pensa en Nao’

Literary route “Pensa en Nao”:  Literary route based on the novel “Pensa en Nao” by Anxo Angueira. The route begins in Manselle in the town council of Dodro and it offers the walker natural landscapes of great beauty, in addition to the rich cultural and ethnographical heritage of the area.

Link: : http://www.concellodedodro.org/conece-dodro

Thematic routes