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In all the territory of Terras de Iria, those who are passionate about finding dreamy landscapes and evocative ages ago, may go through the land routes through which we offer.

Circular route of the Cruz de Avelán

This route runs through the mount of the Cruz de Avelán and it shows the most dispersed area of populations of the whole town council.

Among the points of interest on the route include the transept of the Cruz de Avelán, the mill of Devesa, the petroglyphs Bouzabadín and pine and eucalyptus plantations.

Technical data of the route:

  • Type: Circular
  • Distance: 7’65 km
  • Average Time: 2h 15 min
  • Difficulty: Medium-high
  • Initial level: 192 m
  • Maximum Level: 242 m
  • Minimal Level: 121 m
  • Difference of Level: 121 m
  • Maximum slope: 21%

Circular route of Alto da Paxareira

This route runs through the mountBalouta. Along the route we can know the traditional architecture of its houses or barns, we will enjoy the contemplation of the landscape of the estuary of the river Ulla, of great environmental value and we will walk along extensive plantations of pines and eucalyptuses with surprising fauna or flora.

Between the interest points we emphasize the belvedere of “Alto da Paxareira”.

Technical data of the route:

  • Type: Circular
  • Distance: 4’3 km
  • Average time: 1h 30 min
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Initial level. 36 m
  • Maximum level: 146 m
  • Minimal level: 24 m
  • Difference of level: 122 m
  • Maximum slope: 20%

Circular route of Lestrove

Along this route we will discover signs of the true dodrense contribution to the historical, ethnographic and cultural heritage. In addition, we will know its way discovering traces of animals and the mysteries of a small wood.

Between the interest points we emphasize the fountain Murillas and the belvedere of Lestrove with its recreational area and forest plantations.

Technical data of the route:

  • Type: Circular with a linear stretch
  • Distance: 2’7 km
  • Average time: 50 min
  • Difficulty: Medium-low
  • Initial level: 37 m
  • Maximum level: 157 m
  • Minimal level: 36 m
  • Difference of level: 121 m
  • Maximum slope: 22%

Route ‘Brañas de Laíño’

This route runs through one of the humid spaces of major environmental value of Galicia. The “Brañas de Laíño” are integrated in Red Natura 2000.

The route aims to publicize the rich landscape of the area, its fauna and flora.

Between the interest points we emphasize the “Alto da Paxareira” where you can contemplate the meadows and pastures.

Technical data of the route:

  • Type: Linear with circular stretch
  • Distance: 13 km
  • Average time: 3h

Hiking Routes in Rois

A low difficulty hiking route, with an approximate length of 11,100 meters that goes along the Sar and Liñares rivers in Rois.

The route has a portion that goes through a place called A Meana, which follows the Sar river´s course until its encounter with its counterpart the Rois river. If we take the path on the river bank we can enjoy typical riberian vegetation such as oak, birch ect.

In about barely an hour on our journey, we will arrive to the river beach of Seira, which is the point where we leave the river bank to explore the villages of La Peruca, Cornes O Aido and Carrais, and where we later go back to continue our walk on the river bank of the Liñares river.

From this point on, we will find a number of mills, some in poor condition, others that have been restored and some that still grind corn grains. Just before reaching the village of Liñares, it is important to note the existence of a functioning fulling mill that is still used for linen cultivation which is an important resource in this area.

In this area of the river, meadows alternate with oak trees until the route ends at the Soutullo Chapel.

 Technical Route Information

  • Distance: 11 Km
  • Average time: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Maximal height: 220 m
  • Minimal height: 14 m
  • Height difference:206 m
  • Maximum gradient: 7